Sunday, July 15, 2007


My children are quite the artists these days. They LOVE to paint! Today we got the easel out for Noah and taped the older kids papers on the tables on the patio. They had about 7 colors to choose from today. Hannah said "you know what I'm painting" but I didn't have a clue. Ben said the same thing. I still didn't know. They got busy and pretty soon I saw shapes appear and then they told me the story behind their drawings.

Hannah painted the same thing as last time and in todays painting the person was her. Benjamin was painting a baseball player with a ballcap, bat and some balls. And Noah was painting ("peeh") and told me to paint some baseballs on his paper.

I must confess that the whole resaon behind today's painting session was to pull them away from Corey, who was trying to fix the leak in the bathtub....alone.

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