Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wings (last ones)...

This morning, as we were rushing to get out of the house to go play with our friends at the park, when I remembered that we had to check the chrysallis to see if the butterfly had emerged. I thought it was time the 2nd butterfly was out. One quick check in and I saw the wings. Beautiful! The kids ran to see. Hannah was to take this one out and let her go because Ben go to do it last time. So we opened the box top very carefully. This butterfly was really ready to leave and a bit more jumpy than the other. Hannah was a bit hesitant so I ended up putting my hand inside and bringing it out. As soon as I pulled my hand out of the box, it flew away. Not much of a chance for pictures but I did catch a few. This butterfly is a male. With the wings opened up you can see the black spot on the lower wing...the females don't have the spot!
Hannah trying to let it climb on her finger

Hannah still trying

My hand

See the butterfly? (just above the branches)

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