Saturday, July 07, 2007

In the garden....

Today we spent a good deal of time outdoors in the garden. We have so many things growing out there that we needed to tend to them. Our giant zucchini has struck again and again! We can't keep up with it all. We have corn and basil, tomatoes (that taste SOoo good), sunflowers that are drooping their heads down low... Hannah and I decided to start some new plants too. We found that we ran out of the little sticks to ID our seedlings so I used a sharpie pen on the end of a fork and stuck it in. This works great, I'll never buy another pack of those tags.

While we tended to our seeds, Noah decided to get nekky and take a seat in some buckets of water! And Corey and Benjamin worked hard on finishing the patio posts so we can get to painting them.

Noah in water, and notice the post all tied up with electrical tape? That's Bens handiwork.

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