Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 1

We left at 2:15pm after a full day of packing yesterday and a morning of crazy running around trying to finish things up. The kids were a little better today because we were actually packing things into the car today. They saw progress. At about 1:30 this afternoon, they (all 3) got into their carseats, buckled up and decided that it was time to go. So we hurried the last little bit of stuff in and hit the road.

Noah fell asleep pretty quickly (he usually naps around 12:30, so he was tuckered out), Hannah fell asleep leaving Ben and I to knit while keeping Daddy awake. And the questions started...

2:45pm - Ben: Are we almost there yet?

Us: No, not yet.
3:24pm - Ben: Are we closer?

Us: No, not yet. We'll be driving for a very long time...probably until after it gets dark.
4:03pm - Hannah: Daddy, Ben smells.

Daddy: He smells?

Hannah: Yes.

Daddy: What does he smell like?

Hannah: He smells like.......... Ben.
4:20 - Ben: Are we there yet?

Us: No, not yet.
And so the same question kept getting asked at 5:30, 6:22, 6:57, 7:45 and finally around 8:05 they stopped because we had reached our first stop. The hotel.

I'm going to put some slideshows of pics for each please come back to check them out as I get them posted :-)

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