Friday, July 27, 2007

Fishing by the lake...

Tonight we went to Lake Murray for a quick fishing session after dinner. The kids are so excited about going fishing and camping next week that we had to succumb to their needs and took them out to the lake. It was a beautiful evening for it. The sun was going down and the moon was on the rise. We found a little spot with reeds all around but enough room for the kids to cast their poles. The ducks would float past wondering if we had any handouts for them, but sadly we didn't...not this time. Noah didn't fish tonight, he was more interested in throwing rocks into the lake. Hannah and Ben did very well with their casting, I think they are ready for the Sierras! Here are some shots of the evening.

Hannah casting her line out

Ben helping untangle Hannah

Noah drinking water

Corey untangling Ben's line

A view of the sunset sky, the moon and ducks floating by

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