Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today we went to the movies!!! There are free kids movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the summer and only a few of them are for younger kids (in my humble opinion). So we went. It was very exciting, the unknown of the movies and not knowing what to expect. I did my best in telling them about it but they were still full of unknowns. Yes, their first time to the movies was quite a treat. We saw Cliffords Really Big Movie on the big screen.

We walked right in (because it was free) and that was nice because I had all three kids by myself and they were all going in different directions. If I had to deal with tickets...well, that would've been so much harder. So, we walk right up to the snack counter and the kids want popcorn. I have not been to the movies and bought popcorn in a LONG time because the bucket of popcorn cost $7!! I could buy sooo much bulk popcorn (that's how we buy it for home popping) for $7 at the local store. So since I didn't pay for the tickets I splurged and bought the bucket. They fought for who was going to carry it. I carried it, at $7 a bucket I wasn't going to have it all land on the floor in the lobby!! We found our seats and waited for the movie to begin, muching on popcorn.

Ben and Hannah giggled and laughed throughout the movie and Noah watched the entire thing without a peep. The bucket of popcorn was almost empty when we left (see pic of Noah below).

As we were leaving, I asked them if they liked their first movie (in the theatre). Hannah said 'yes' and Ben said 'yes' too but then started to complain that he didn't like the bad part (the part where Clifford was taken by the little girl-no violence). He got so torn up about it, he was quite upset about it and started to tear up. He was so emotional. Then Hannah got into it but she was a little more rational and started to evaluate the movie and tell me what they should have done.

In the car they told me what their favorite parts were and everyone was happy. I think we'll try it again in a few weeks to see Curious George, and we'll bring Daddy along with us.

In our seats and popcorn bucket is full....

at the counter (Ben did not want to have his picture taken)
on our way home...bucket almost empty

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