Saturday, July 28, 2007


I was working in the garden this morning while the kids and Corey played around in the pool. After everyone was done, my mess cleaned up we sat and relaxed while the sun started to beat down, the backyard getting hotter and hotter. Noah hung near me and we watched a monarch butterfly float into the yard and land on our butterfly bush (milkweed plant) that we bought with our caterpillars last month. It looked like it was laying some eggs on the underside of the leaves. The butterfly kept flying away and returning to the milkweed plant. Noah kept trying to get it to land on his hand, he followed it all around the back yard, down the side of the house and back to the milkweed plant. I thought that a slice of watermelon might help him, but by the time we got back outside to attract the butterfly, it was gone. We sat by the plant and ate watermelon until we forgot the purpose of our being out there. The butterfly never returned but I did catch some pics while he (she?) was out there.

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