Friday, July 13, 2007

The beach party...

Tonight we celebrated my sister's birthday at the beach. It was a great time. We set up and the kids went straight for the water. It appears that Noah doesn't like the sand because last time he stayed with me too. He hung out on the blanket and didn't want the sand touching him. This is especially strange since we go to the park and he plays in the sand all the time. And we had dirt and mud in the back yard that he plays in all the time too.

So the kids got to play in the ocean, we ate dinner and then we headed up to the grassy area for the cake. My Mom decided that she wouldn't waste money on a traditional cake (because my sister doesn't like cakes) and went for a watermelon. We cut it in half, stuck the candles in and sang "Happy Birthday to you". It was great!

The kids ran around until after dark blowing bubbles, racing back and forth and enjoying the evening.

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