Tuesday, July 10, 2007


OK. I went in to the house for about 10 minutes and left the children in the back yard to play. I heard the water running but there was no pool out there for me to be concerned about. I was actually waiting for the screams from Hannah and Noah because I anticipated Ben spraying them with the cold water from the hose...that never happened. I was paying some bills that had to go out today so I really wasn't worried about it. Then it got to the point where it was "quiet outside" where they were not silent because I could still hear them but they were still quietly busy with something.
I went out to peek at them and couldn't believe my eyes.
Noah had the hose with the sprayer attached and was learning how to use it (on water, off water). He was knee-deep in muddy water (seriously it looked like they could have rolled around in it like pigs do, that or like the mud used in mudfights). Hannah was making a cake with the mud on the sidelines and was being very careful not to get dirty. And Ben had gone to get the wheelbarrow and was shoveling mud into it.
I ran for the camera. The pictures are great for showing what I saw. They were having a blast and no one was arguing, no fighting, no hitting....ahhh exploring with mud.

OH... And this is what happened yesterday from the remnants of some bookcase boxes that we bought over the weekend. They are destroyed, shredded and torn to bits and strewn across the grass, the umbrella and all the backyard. So, needless to say, our back yard is a disaster area.

And did I mention that we have our playgroup coming to our house on Thursday?

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