Saturday, April 04, 2009


Rebekah was baptized today! Yay! She is almost (2 more days) 2 months old and it was perfect. Since we have moved :) we still go to the Mission. We will continue going until the kids are out of Sunday School in May. During the summer we will look for another church closer to home to attend to see where we will feel comfortable. 

The ceremony was so personal (like Noah's) and special. Most of our family was there to help celebrate and afterwards we invited everyone to our new house for refreshments. My Mom made the family celebration cake that her Mom used to make all the time. 

Rebekah wore the family Baptismal dress that has been passed around my family for almost 150 years. It has travelled the world. Rebekah was the 118th baby baptized in the dress. It's such a special tradition to take part in.

Rebekah and her Godparents (Heather and Dennis)

With the kids

"I baptize you..."

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