Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday...

Happy Easter everyone! The Easter Bunny brought the kids some good stuff this year! They each got a Disney movie, some fruitfulls (fruit leathers), a bag of their favorite snacks or chips, and some bars (granola, fruit...). They loved their baskets!

This morning we went to Mass and afterwards we went home to have our little egg hunt, the kids were OK with the Easter Bunny not doing it the regular way (with real eggs in the back yard) because we had just moved to this house. I explained that Granny told me that the Easter Bunny had come to their house and left eggs for them. So we did the hunt there later on. Meanwhile Grandpa came over and brought them some baskets of candy. They love candy. Then we went to the Easter lunch at my parents house, they live 3 miles away now! The food was delicious, the kids had a great time, they got more candy, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

We met up with my family after Mass this morning and caught the kids in their good duds before they went tearing off and getting messy.

The dogs playing around.

My Great-Aunt Doris with Corey and Rebekah

Nanny and Rebekah

The chef JP and Mom being silly in the kitchen

Ready, Set...GO!

I found one!

Marissa and Hannah finding eggs by the jacuzzi

The basket pass

Grandma R setting out her couscous...yum!

Some of the spread

And yes, the kids went swimming in April!

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