Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today we celebrated Hannah's 6th birthday and the day couldn't have been better! She was thrilled with her choice of having a party in our new house (her other choices were to have the party at the playground or have a few people join her at Boomers, both were tempting to her). She invited exactly who she wanted and most came :) She had a blast running around with all her different friends and playing and enjoying their company. We also had a lot of family who hadn't seen our new house yet and they came for the party too. The house and property were buzzing with people all over the place. It was a great day. 

We had a craft that everyone got to do and take home, a visor, they were a big hit. Ben loved the activity so much that he made 5 visors for himself (you can see all 5 lined up in front of him in the picture below)! 

We have a big pile of dirt in the "orchard" area of the yard and the kids set up a bike jump. They were riding bikes and scooters down the large pile and jumping off the smaller one below. Everyone had fun. Definitely a day to remember. 

Happy Birthday, Hannah Rose!!

Birthday girl!

The visor craft

Blow out the candles~trick ones!

Opening presents

Great-grandma Rosalie with Rebekah

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