Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had a nice time on our tour of the Solana Beach Fire Station with our monthly homeschooling field trip group. It was so appropriate because Noah is into fire engines and he loves to pretend to be a firefighter. He still plans on being a firefighter for Halloween (he was one last Halloween) again. He loves firefighters. They got to get in the fire engine and check it out, some even sat in the drivers' seat. One would think that they would want to get into the fire engine and sit in the firefighters seats, but it took a LOT of coaxing and reassurance that I'll be right there for them to get in. Ben just hopped in so maybe it's an age thing, but Hanah and Noah were both a bit hesitant. Interesting. Rebekah casually napped the whole time, missing the whole thing.

Afterwards we went to a park to play with our friends for a bit.

In front of the fire house

Fire engine is coming!

Down the pole

Getting dressed

Rebekah naps

The group

Play time together at the park

the 2 firefighters

Swinging together

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