Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg dyeing...

We went to my aunts house today for the yearly egg dyeing fun! We take turns hosting this event every year and it always turns out to be pretty fun for everyone. I think we'll host next year and make it a contest to see who can do the most creative egg. That might make the kids sit longer instead of dropping their eggs into the dye, pulling them out and running off to play. Hannah, however was the last child at the table, she sat there with the adults dyeing their eggs after all the kids were done.

We also got a chance to get all the cousins together and take a picture. We haven't had an opportunity like that in a long time so all the parents stood out there like the paparazzi shooting pictures of the famous kids. ;)

Cousins Ben, Levi and Joshua
Noah making his really dark blue
Hannah is the last one standing...sitting and still dyeing eggs!
All the cousins together! (yes there are only 3 girls, two of them are mine!)

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