Thursday, April 30, 2009


We haven't been on a hike in such a long time. So we decided to take this morning and explore the hiking trails near our house. It was awesome, the kids were in a great hiking mood, the weather was perfect and we headed out. The trails are just under 3 miles away from our house so we drove over there. The flowers were blooming and the kids were in a mood to explore. We found lots of poison oak and managed to steer clear of it today. We think that the kids need to start wearing hiking shoes and pants, just in case they walk into some poison oak. We found a bridge where we sat and took a little break, the kids snacked and played in the creek. They love to gather algae on a stick and make things with it. They do this with their playgroup friends too. They've made beds with algae and other stuff for their bush house. It was a great morning together.

Identifying red ants

Noah caught some algae

Hannah exploring under the bridge

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