Friday, October 26, 2007


Our house is empty now. All of our guests have gone. Back to normal for everyone. Dad left this morning to see if the roads were open, he called to tell us that they were. He was headed to the house. My Mom was the next to leave. She had butterflies in her stomach as she was going home for the first time in 5 days. The rollercoaster ride of emotions running on her nerves this week was over and she was going home. My sister spent a good amount of time running around today and readied herself to leave tonight. The kids were playing together and having fun while she packed. We sat the kids down to eat and they ate together one last time before they headed out. Our house feels empty now, even though there are still 5 people living and moving around here.

This week was good for all of us. Granny and GranDad got to spend time with us. The kids loved having their 2 cousins over for a big sleep-over. They have never had a sleep-over so it was extra special with their cousin. Noah and Ryan played and really had to learn fast at how to share. Ben, Hannah and Marissa ran around and went wild with each other all day. It was tiring but they had a blast. No one wanted anyone to leave. But we'll see them on Halloween night, if not sooner!

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