Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Finally the day has arrived that our kids have been looking forward to for such a long time. Halloween. Ben decided that he was going to be a superhero this year and quickly changed his mind after we got our decorations and costumes out. He chose to call last years costume a dragon instead of a T-rex. So Ben was a dragon. Hannah was a pink kitty for the 3rd year in a row. I made her costume but we used the same ears and tail as years past. Noah was Mickey Mouse (without ears).

They didn’t want to put on their costumes until tonight even though I told them that they could wear them all day (I even asked them throughout the week).

Marissa and Ryan came over after my sister got off from work and we went trick-or-treating. Our trick-or-treating experiences have all been different through the years. This year Noah and Ryan are 2 and 23 months old so they had their own containers to carry. They didn’t get it though. At one point they thought that they were going to trade their candy (from the previous house) with the candy from this house. Half the time they didn’t go to the door because they thought we were on a walk in the dark. Oh well they’ll get it and then we won’t be able to get the candy away from them. Marissa, Ben and Hannah raced from house to house. Luckily they had a flashlight so we could see where they were. They had so much fun. Next year, we might have to go around 3 blocks because the 2 we did tonight.

Tonight we set the candy out for the Great Pumpkin and tomorrow we’ll see what treats he brings for the kids in exchange for all the candy they give…

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