Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An update....

Today we spent most of the day indoors with the air on. The outside air is so mucky with ash that we'd rather just have wild kids in the house than try to deal with respiratory problems. We tried to avoid going outside but we did make a quick trip to Costco for some supplies. With the fires around the county we have my parents and sister with her 2 kids staying with us and not much food in the house. We couldn't stay in all day and took a break and climbed to the top of a mountain to survey my parents house area with our binoculars. The fire raged and calmed, we had a hard time watching it. We couldn't see the house but my Dad did say that he could see their look-out tower at times through the smoke. I've also taken to calling the house, getting the answering machine and hoping that that means that it isn't engulfed in flames. We pray and hope that all is well in the morning, we are glued to the TV for any little glimpse of the neighborhood or even the house!

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