Sunday, October 28, 2007


We decided at the last minute to go and get some pumpkins for the kids to carve this afternoon. Everyone had so much fun. They surveyed the bins of pumpkins and picked out the best one. Of course Ben wanted the biggest one and wouldn't let anyone else have one bigger than his. Hannah picked one out front and then picked a different one in the store and it turned out to be the bigger than the others. No one noticed. Then they got to carve them, boy that was fun. We got the drywall saws out and they had fun with them. We are always safe and right there with them...we didn't let them loose with those sharp objects. Ben managed to carve his all by himself, he even gave his ears (one triangle and one circle). And who knew that there would be mushy goo to pull out of the pumpkins mixed in with all those yummy seeds? They had forgotten about that and wouldn't put their hands in. I gathered all the seeds and went to work and prepared them for roasting tomorrow. So here they are...we'll put them out front in a day or two.
Their pumpkins (Noah's, Ben's and Hannah's)

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