Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Noah!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!!!

Today is his second birthday but we celebrated it on Sunday with family. It's a good thing too because the fires have encompassed our lives the last few days.

He is two! I can't believe it. This last week his vocabulary and ability to make sentences has grown at such a speed that I can't catch up! He loves life with such a passion and his brother and sister are the best in the world. He loves to play with balls, drive his trucks, ride his tricycle, kick like a soccer player and just about anything else he can think of doing. He has become very comfortable with going down the slide at the park, until recently he wouldn't go by himself. He is such a hunk of love at around 40 pounds. He is about 31 inches tall. I'm sure I'll give an update on all that when we go for his well-child visit.

Happy birthday big guy, we love you so much! Pictures below are from his little Sunday afternoon party.

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