Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The story....

We have a cousin who is training to be a firefighter. A couple of years ago she stayed with my parents until she found a place to live and a job. So she knows the property well. Tuesday she happened to be working the fires and found herself on my parents property again. She was clearing brush and doing her job fighting the Harris fire that was threatening their house. She told all the firefighters that this was a home of a family member and they really worked hard at fighting the fire (I'm sure they would've worked hard anyway). The fire came within 50 yards of the house. Our cousin had left leaving the fight to the firefighters but a few hours later sneaked back to check on the house to see how it fared in the fire. It was in the clear... for now. On a break, she called my brother, who handed the phone to my Dad, who told us all. There was a celebration on our end of the phone. The next day the roads were still closed to residents, she went back to see the house and it was still there. All of the houses near my parents house were saved too. There was still a bit of a fire threat on the other side of the mountain so the roads remained closed.

That phone call was the best news ever. It was like we had an insider giving us the scoop on what was happening. Thank you Meredith!!

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