Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ballet day...

Well, today was the big day for ballet for Hannah. She was a champ. She was so ready for her class and turned and said bye to me, I'm so proud of her! We got there a little early and found her class and got her settled in. She put her ballet slippers on and went to sit with her teacher. I said "this is Hannah" and the teacher motioned her to sit down. So, about 10 minutes went by and the teacher and Hannah came out and said that she thought that my Hannah was in the wrong class and to check next door. So it was, she was supposed to be next door the whole time (they went us to the wrong classroom). I was afraid with that last minute change that she wouldn't be so brave and OK with going in by herself anymore, but she did fine. She turned and waved and joined the class that had already started. The teacher seems nice and Hannah is surrounded by a bunch of little girls her age so she is in heaven. She can't wait for next time. Finally, we've found a class that she'll go to alone!!!

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