Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We always try to meet up with our unschooling buddies but they are such a late group that we always miss them. We got to the beach at 10 and left around 11:30. Didn't see anyone we knew but the kids had fun anyways. A little boy joined in their fun and ran around with them for a long time. They just love the beach, the sand, the water and running around wild and crazy. They dug holes and played in the water (I thought the water was cold but they don't care about that) I love that they aren't messing up the house or the backyard. 

Today Noah got a little more comfortable with the ocean and kept going out a little farther than he should have. I wasn't too happy about that but he kept coming back in to shallow waters on his own.

Perhaps one of these days we'll stay late and see some of our friends.

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