Thursday, September 18, 2008

Party day!

Today we enjoyed the company of our homeschooling friends that we see once a month for terrific field trips. We had a not-back-to-school party for the kids like we did last year. They thought it was great! There was lots to do for the kids, first stop: the craft table! You know how my kids love crafts, well this was heaven for them. Everything was on the table and they just got to create! Another Mom brought capes for the kids to wear, or fly, around the park, and another Mom brought a "musical petting zoo" with different musical instruments for the kids to play with and explore. Noah loved the drum (I've forgotten the real name) and Ben loved the dulcimer (not pictured) and the harp. They played games and painted their faces, there was ice cream and snacks and water balloons. It was fabulous! We can't wait for the next party...or field trip!

Ben making a necklace and bracelets, Hannah making a necklace

Hannah and Athena and Olivet
Noah loves the swing
Crafty girls trying to 'sew' their cape strings on
Super boy (like the face paint?)
Drum, boom boom

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