Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last night I had to take over the Daisy scout meeting which means that I had to plan the meeting. I found a quick and easy recipe with 3 ingredients (that I had on hand) called flubber. At the meeting we made flubber. The girls absolutely loved it and went wild with it. They got to take a piece home. 

Hannah didn't want to share with her brothers because it was a special thing she had done in her Daisy meeting. So we made some more today for the boys. Luckily we had a nice big donation of glue from some friends before they left so we didn't have to go to the store for anything! We didn't color it because the kids couldn't decide on a color that they all liked. Hannah got some more for her bag too. They loved it and I think they were occupied experimenting with it for about an hour, maybe longer. It reminds me of silly putty the way it breaks apart and copies from newspaper or photocopies. The clean up was easy, and when pieces fell to the ground it was easy to pick up and put back in the glob of flubber. I'm sure it will last a few days. What fun!

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