Monday, September 08, 2008


Hannah is pretty shy when it comes to other adults talking to her and trying to make conversation with her. Because of this she hasn't wanted to go to another friends house to play without my being right there. She also has not wanted to take any sort of classes (even if she really wants to learn about it) without my (or Daddy's) presence in the room. This is fine and we're OK with that. 

Today we had our regular Girl Scouts meeting and we had talked about it before. There was a meeting afterwards just for the leaders and we (leaders) wanted to go. But that would mean that I needed to take Hannah home or we could stay with her friends, eat dinner with them and then the Mommies would go to the meeting and be back later. This would also mean that she would be with her friends Daddy (that she barely saw or meet). She was OK with my going and felt comfortable with me leaving her. I was shocked and surprised but I figured I was going to be an hour and she was with a friend. She had so much fun while I was gone! She did call me but didn't really know what to say on the phone so I told her I'd be a few more minutes and be there to pick her up soon. "OK Mommy, bye!"

So I think this is a growth for her! I'm so proud of her! She will start ballet class on Thursday and I pray that she won't start crying (she can shed tears fast) and not want to go on with it. We (parents) aren't allowed in the room, but we can stay right out front and wait for the class to be over. So, here's to hoping she doesn't freak out!

My little girl is getting big...

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