Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday School...

This morning Ben and Hannah started their year of Sunday school. They go for an hour to learn with their teacher and then we join them afterwards to go to Mass. They really look forward to this class. Hannah is following Ben and having his same teachers from his previous year, it helps because sometimes she shuts down when she sees someone new. Ben is OK with going into a new classroom with a new teacher. He doesn't really care. 

This year Ben is in his first year (out of 2 years) of First Communion preparation. He will do First Communion when he is in second grade. He is really looking forward to receiving his First Communion because he sees us and his cousins go up and he wants to be a part of it all. This year he has homework too, yikes! We have to sit him down and do some work for the class! Getting him to do the work shouldn't be a problem, it's his remembering it that might be the problem... I have to get folders for them to keep their stuff in.

Should be a good year!

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