Friday, February 08, 2008


Noah absolutely loves trucks. I can distract him with "go play with your trucks" pretty much any time I need to and he'll go. He loves the garbage truck that comes every Friday. He says "I hear trash truck" and we have to run out front to watch for it. Sometimes we have to go out a few times because he's realized that he didn't hear the trash truck but a bus going up the hill (which is still thrilling but not the same). 

Today we were waiting for Ben in his karate class and noticed that they are doing construction in the parking lot next door. So we went to watch. We saw the front loader picking up a big boulder and move it to another spot. Noah was enthralled and did not want to leave. Lucky for us they won't be finished with their construction any time soon so we can go every time we are waiting for Ben in karate.

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