Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daddy is sick..

Today Daddy is sick and doesn't feel well at all. I got busy and packed some snacks and got the kids in the car to go for a hike. We spent a good part of the weekend at home, so I thought it was time to get out of the house. As we left for Mission Trails, it was drizzling so I thought it might rain while we were there but it cleared up when we drove in. We walked down by the dam and we read all about what we saw. Ben was very interested in the dam, why it was there, who built it, what it did... We weren't in a hurry so we had time to talk about it. We hiked and found ourselves on the dam eating a snack while we watched the ducks swim in the water. Noah hiked the entire way, he kept saying "No I got it, I can do it, I'm big now." It was a great morning. They all know how much I want them to stop watching TV so we'll be doing this much more often now.

(I do have pictures...just have to upload them)

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