Saturday, February 23, 2008


Ben had a fever all day yesterday through today. Yesterday he slept all afternoon, woke for a few hours and fell back asleep at around 8:30pm to sleep the entire night and wake up at 11:40 this morning! I did check on him a couple of times to make sure he was OK. He woke up and stayed on the couch until about 4:30 this afternoon when he woke up from his little nap refreshed and ready for playing. No fever all better. Amazing. If only we could all heal that quickly!

Hannah had a fever last night for about 3 hours. She's fine...unless you count the very occasional cough and runny nose.

Noah had a fever for two nights and a day. He woke up this morning without a fever and was ready to tackle the day.

Daddy is feeling better from his sinus infection but now has an annoying cough to deal with.

Mommy is feeling better today. The cold in my head is slowly progressing to something manageable and all will be well soon!

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