Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snow play...

Thursday it rained hard all day and it was so cold so we figured it snowed in the mountains. It rained into Friday but the freeway to the mountains was closed so we opted to leave Saturday morning for the snow. 

When we got there, there weren't very many people yet. We found a spot very quickly and got ready to play. The kids got their snow clothes on, rain boots and hats, the sleds on their arms and we were off to find the perfect place to slide. Noah walked all by himself ("No, I'm
 OK") all the way through the deep snow to the top of the hill we found. He kept saying "The snow SO deep!" with his legs buried deep in the snow. Hannah grabbed a sled and was so excited to go down the hill. She was ready. Ben bundled up and was out of the car and halfway up the hill before we could think about catching up.

Noah wasn't too much into getting on the sled but he was definitely interested in the snow. So we walked to the bottom of the hill  and made a little snowman. He loved it. He gazed at it with his hand on his face. Hannah went down the hill on a sled by herself! She hasn't done that...well, ever! Ben joined another boy about his age and they went down the hill together. They had a blast! We also had snowball fights and everyone tried to get Daddy.

After he was done with the snow we went to the car and hung out for a while, snacking and resting. It wasn't cold so we didn't have to sit in the car and warm up, in fact Noah wanted to get back in the snow when we had already taken his pants he went with his boots on and a diaper (with a shirt and jacket, of course). There is a picture below.

We can't wait to go again!
Ben and his snowman
Noah walking in the snow...
Hannah eating snow
Ben's ready
The crew

The snow so deep!
Hannah's ready
My snowman

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