Friday, February 01, 2008

Special times together...

Corey took Ben to the snow today to go skiing. When Ben found out yesterday morning that he was going he said "that's my favorite place to go". They went shopping when Daddy got back from work. They bought some ski socks and goggles, they rented skis, poles and a helmet. Ben couldn't go to bed because he knew that Corey was packing the car. He kept bringing his stuff out to the car so that he wouldn't forget anything. He brought a pillow in case he got tired, some books, a hand-held Gameboy-type game that he got for Christmas, his lap-tray to write and draw, some yarn to knit... They left early this morning and didn't get home until almost 12 hours later. They had lots of fun. I will post pictures (I hope there are pictures) after I get them uploaded.

I answered the knocking on the door tonight and to find Ben standing there. We all cheered and Hannah and Noah raced to give him hugs. They missed him a lot.

Hannah, Noah and I started our day at Einstein Bagel for some breakfast. Hannah and I had planned our day yesterday and we were excited about it! After breakfast we went home to do some painting. We got all the paints out, some paper and went to work on it. We then went to the park down the street. They rode their tricycles and ran around together. There weren't many children there but they didn't care, they had each other to play with. After a little lunch and a nap we went to La Jolla to pick up cousin Marissa at school. They played a little bit at the school but then we packed everyone up in the car and went home. We baked cookies together and they played lots of different games. Hannah was in heaven to have Marissa to herself. She wants to do it again, real soon.

At one point during the day Hannah yelled out "Mommy, isn't it nice to have just two kids?" Yes, Hannah there were just two kids in the family...but now we have three! And we love all three, we wouldn't have it any other way. :)

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