Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Parade & worms...

Today we did a little "school work" while Noah explored the house alone. Ben and Hannah seemed to need me more at the table so Noah was left to wander and play alone. I don't think he likes to be alone. He found a game that he liked and eventually he got everyone to play along. Ben and Hannah were easily distracted form the table that they were sitting at. It was called the 'Legoland parade'. They were banging pots and pans, Ben had one on his head and clanging with spoons. They sang loudly and marched around, eventually ending up running crazy from room to room but I suppose they had some energy that needed burning. Leave it up to the little one to break the mornings school work momentum!

Just before noon we went out front to wait for Daddy who was coming home for lunch. It was a beautiful moment. The sun was shining warming everything up (including me). Ben and Hannah were running around, riding their bikes and big wheels, drawing with our new chalk... I sat on the sidewalk with Noah and we spotted a worm in the dirt next to us. Noah was ecstatic. We pulled it up and dug in the dirt with our fingers to find some more. We found a couple of big fat ones and two little worms, the tiniest I've ever seen. Hannah is into bugs and worms so she ran over to catch a glance at them (she was busy playing with Ben). Noah didn't want to leave the worms but I managed to convince him that they needed to go to sleep in the dirt. So we covered them up and left. What a great morning!

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