Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More rain...

We have had so much rain this month it has been a little hard for me to think of things for the kids to do in the house. We are lucky that we have a nice patio that we can go outside during the rain without getting wet. It was a warmer rain storm, hence why Noah is in a diaper with no pants (at least he has a jacket on!).

Today we played with playdoh. I didn't realize how many playdoh toys we had! We have enough that they shouldn't fight over the same toy, but that always happens. We have at least two of just about everything but they still argued over who got which mold or which letter cutter. They love playdoh it gives them such a great outlet for creativity. Sometimes they will sit for a long time and play their different games with it, not letting it sit for long between breaks. Other times they are done with it in a couple of minutes. Today they sat and played for a long time, but Noah was demanding all the toys and was making it less than pleasant for the other two. He must be coming down with something or he is super tired....we'll see what a nap does!

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