Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sewing again...

I went shopping yesterday morning and found two little sewing machines. They take batteries to operate and have a foot pedal. Perfect for the kids to learn a little about sewing on a machine. They are always hanging on me when I am trying to sew something on my machine so the interest is definitely there! I gave Ben his first, Hannah had fallen asleep so she'll get hers later. We read the directions, put batteries inside and started to do some test runs on it. Ben was so excited. The booklet it came with has some projects that they can do so we started with the first one, a bookmark. He is always needing bookmarks for his books, we have all the materials so we got to work. He did a great job, the machine is a little tricky but safe for him to use. There is a guard on the needle and a piece of fabric is all that will fit under it. But I don't think that I'll be sewing alongside them because it is a little hard for him to do by himself. It doesn't sew backwards so we have to use a needle and thread to tie off the ends. We'll need to work on the process more so that he understands what to do first and next and next... He is so excited about his little sewing machine. Now to get Hannah on hers!

The bookmark in on the stool in front of him, made of two pieces of felt with a ribbon (not pictured with ribbon yet)

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