Tuesday, January 08, 2008


We like to go to the library on Tuesdays so that's where we headed this morning. We returned our books and went straight into the storytime room. The kids really enjoyed storytime they heard lots of stories, sang songs and moved around a bit with the rhymes. Afterwards our routine is to go and pick out some books to take home, read a few, check out the train, put together some puzzles and maybe play with the puppets.

Today wasn't a good day for that though.

The kids weren't into picking books out, they didn't want to do any of it. Noah started kicking the books in the shelves and they were falling all over the place. Ben and Hannah were pulling all of the matching little books on all the shelves and putting them in to a giant pile. I didn't know what to do except leave the library immediately. Noah was in tears and the other two were sad that they didn't get to borrow any books. I just couldn't have that behavior today. So it might be a while before we go to the library again. I just wish that they could get to the point where they can go, peruse and choose books without running around the library. I know they will...someday.

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