Sunday, January 06, 2008


Today was supposed to be another rainy day and while it was chilly we had a bit of a break in the rain. We headed to Mission Trails to check out how the dam was holding up with all the rain. We ran into Lindsey and her family just as we were starting down the trail, they were leaving. It's always fun to run into someone you know around town.

We headed down the trail and the kids noticed the water rushing by. It was very high so that might be why they noticed it. No one fell into the river thank goodness but almost as it was pretty slippery all over the place. There were puddles all over the place and I was very thankful that we had them wear their boots. They are drawn to puddles and love to jump in them and watch their splashes. Another thing that they love to do on hikes is eat. They love to pull out the snacks that we bring and jump around on the rocks and eat their nuts or graham crackers (what they had today). We found some rocks that they like to climb and Hannah pointed Noah to a puddle atop a flat rock. He went straight for it and jumped, that made a big splash and we clapped for the big splash. He walked away and then came back to it to jump again, this time the splash was bigger. He hopped away and as he turned around I got the camera ready and snapped it as he jumped in again. It was terrific (picture is below) and he wanted to see the picture. After I showed it to him he tried jumping again and this time he slipped right into it landing on his butt and got all wet. We all laughed. He got up and did it again, and by this time with all the jumping and now sitting there was no more water in that spot. Noah abandoned the activity and then wanted me to hold him. We took his pants off and he walked back to the car bare-legged in a diaper...and yes, we did get quite a few stares for letting our 2 year old walk without pants on.

On the dam
Look at me!!
Looking at the river Checking out the dam
A puddle!

Notice Hannah and Ben's pajama pants? I made them... :-)

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