Sunday, January 13, 2008


We had Grandpa and Myrlene over for Grandpa's birthday this evening. We made dinner and the kids made birthday cards, a simple gathering. We talked for a while, ate dinner, and while we waited for the brownies to finish baking we talked some more. Noah decided that it was time for a little game of "Simon says...". He stood up and (everyone was watching him) and said "Simon says... scratch head!" 

And everyone scratched their heads. We giggled that such a little person could come up with a game like that. Then...


He noticed that no one but Hannah got up to dance, he walked over to Myrlene and Grandpa on the couch and said (in a rather demanding tone) "Dance! Dance!" So Myrlene and Grandpa got up off the couch and started to dance around, Ben joined them.

"Simon says...lie down!" He and Hannah and Ben went to lay on the floor.

Again,  he noticed that they didn't do the lying down that he suggested because they were on the couch laying down (& I think he meant for them to lie down on the floor) so he told them "No, lie down on floor!!" So they giggled and got down on the floor.

"Simon says...kick feet!" While laying on the floor. They kicked their feet as they lay on the floor. 

It was a great game that Noah came up with. He was pretty demanding with it and at times was yelling at them to get up and DANCE!!! Corey and I just sat and laughed, I guess we weren't required to be in the game. That's OK, it was a memorable birthday party that, I'm sure, no one will forget.

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