Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rainy day...

It has been raining most of the day here and we were tired of hanging out at home so we went for a walk. We got the kids' boots on, jackets with hoods and headed out the door. We walked down the hill to Vons. They recently remodeled it and added a Starbucks inside (not that it was needed, there are 2 others within a 1/4 mile of this Vons). We decided to get the kids some hot chocolate or warm milk and then pick something up for their dinner. They sat for exactly 2 minutes and then shed their jackets and off with their boots, they found the mini shopping baskets (for kids) and went flying through the store barefoot pushing them. There were near accidents with some of the elderly people doing their shopping and with the Vons employees, but we made it out without harming anyone. We walked back home and now they are trying to keep busy out of the rain.
Here they are waiting for their drinks.

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