Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Night #2...

Well last night was a little emotional for me. Ben and Hannah went to bed without a peep. They didn't stir until a few minutes after 5am when Hannah came into our bed and then minutes later Ben joined us too.

I didn't sleep well at all. It was like I had a newborn in the house but not near me, I woke every half hour to listen to see if they were OK. I heard nothing but assumed that they were OK. I wondered if Hannah was cold. Hannah was sleeping on the floor in a little sleeping bag. I figured that Ben was warm enough because he was in a bed and had pillows and stuffed animals lined up next to him.

At 5:something I heard a little grunting and little footsteps heading our way. Hannah was the first to come in, she grabbed my hand and cuddled with Daddy. And it wasn't but a couple of minutes later that Ben walked in and cuddled into bed too.

They loved it. Sleeping on their own. They are sleeping in the same bed tonight. I really was worried that Hannah was going to freeze last night. So tonight they are all cozy with lots of blankets, pillows and each other. They went to bed without a peep, again.

Rewind to this morning. Hannah said that she loved sleeping in her own bed and she couldn't wait to have a 'princess room'. Yesterday Corey took Ben to Home Depot and they stopped by the paint section. Our kids always pick up some of the paint swatches from the paint department but yesterday Ben found a "Cars" room idea card that he loved and that he wants to replicate in our house. He can't wait to have his own room and bathroom all decked out like that pamphlet. Aha! I now have figured out why they are so gung-ho about sleeping in their own bed. They want their own themed room and perhaps by showing us that they can sleep in another room, then maybe we'll do it for them. OK maybe we will, but not in this house.

Tonight was a little better for me but I look forward to hearing those footsteps again. Who knew that Sunday night was our last night of co-sleeping as a family of 5? And now we are 3.

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