Monday, January 21, 2008


The weatherman said that it was going to snow in the local mountains and so... we went to see it. It was drizzling (rain) at our house and it is COLD out so we figured it was probably snowing in the mountains. We packed snacks, lunches and our snow clothes. The kids insisted that we bring the sleds but we knew that there wouldn't be any snow on the ground. They fit in the car so they came with us.

When we got there it was not raining but the wind was whipping around and freezing (31°F). I don't know what the wind chill was but it was way cold for us city folks. The kids had all of their snow clothes on and were warm and toasty. Noah usually hates hats or hoods on but he kept his hat on (Sara notice his hat?) today. We went on a little walk down a short trail, it turned and looped right back to the car. It was a perfectly short hike for us, Noah was screaming to get back to the car. He was hungry and ate for the remaining time we were there. He was also cold and uncomfortable in his big bundle of clothes that he had on.

Corey brought our camping stove and made us hot chocolate, that was good and warm. Ben and Hannah hopped in and out of the car not able to decide where they wanted to be.

It started to snow a little just as we decided to go home. So we stayed for a bit longer and the snow started coming down more and more. As we were driving home the snowflakes were rather large but it was still not sticking to the ground.

It was great. The kids were quite disappointed that they didn't get to use the sleds. It was a little confusing as to why we couldn't go on them in the dirt.

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