Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hannah loves...

Hannah loves to play with her brothers, Ben and Noah, they run and play together all day long.

Hannah loves to draw and write, we can always find her curled up with a pencil or pen and a pad of paper.

Hannah loves to sing. She especially loves to sign along with the music in the car, or make up her own.

Hannah loves her babies. She nurses them, walks them in a sling or the stroller, has tea with them and brings them along on various adventures.

Hannah loves purses and bags. She will carry one just about anywhere we go.

Hannah loves Dora the Explorer. She pretends that she is Dora and that Ben is Diego.

Hannah loves gardening. She loves to get her garden gloves on, her tools and get busy in the dirt. She loves to explore the backyard.

Hannah loves to dance. We find her dancing to songs that she is singing outside or inside.

Hannah loves to play fair, sometimes it isn’t and she gets upset.

Hannah loves bugs. She wants to be a bug-ologist when she grows up. She loves to spot and capture roly-poly bugs.

Hannah loves to play games with her family, she’s getting really good at some games!

Hannah loves arts and crafts. She loves to paint and create with playdoh.

Hannah loves to share with others. She also loves to give gifts to her brothers. She bought them some big bouncy balls so that they each had one to play with.

Hannah loves to help out in the kitchen. She can’t wait to peel carrots or roll dough. She always wants to watch and help out with making dinner.

Hannah loves princesses. She loves to pretend that she is Cinderella dancing with the prince at the ball. That is the only Disney princess movie that she has watched.

There's so much more that Hannah loves...

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