Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We have been searching the local stores that we frequent, and some that we don't, for umbrellas for the kids since it has been raining so much lately. They love to walk in the rain in their rubber boots, jackets and umbrellas. But their old ones broke. So we've been on the hunt for some kid ones that they like. 

Last night Ben and I went shopping together to get some clothes for him, and some new Crocs (he broke right through his last pair). We went to Old Navy to get Ben some clothes, I was really hoping for pants to be on sale and while they were...they were still expensive (because we need several pairs). The boy is so tall but so skinny so he's a difficult fit. Anyway, Ben went wild in the fitting room trying on his clothes, he loved the music and was dancing all funny - it was get-up-and-dance music and it was doing it's job!

After picking out some clothes (not enough but at least it was some) we headed for the check out and lo and behold there were some umbrellas by the register. Cute ones and  Ben picked them up right away, opened them and decided that he wanted one. They are expensive but if he wants to get one he could use his own money. I reminded him of the Valentine's money that he got from Nanny. He was set, he wanted an umbrella from that store and knew exactly which one. To top it off it was going to rain in the next day or so, so even better!

We got home and Ben was all a-twitter about the umbrellas, forgetting to show anyone his new clothes. Hannah got in on it and even Noah said that he wanted one "a yellow one". So we headed to Old Navy again this morning (we were one of the first customers-the kids were all ready so quickly) and we bought their umbrellas. As we walked out of the store it was drizzling and they opened up their new purchases and pranced around. Yes, they did almost run into people, but most just smiled as they dodged the parade of umbrellas with feet walking by.

Thank you Nanny for the Valentine money!!

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