Thursday, February 28, 2008

The gardens…

We headed to Encinitas today with our field trip group of homeschoolers. It was great. We always go somewhere that is really cool and the trip is always a success. Today we went to Quail Botanical Gardens, it was very cool. I wish we had gone through the gardens and ended up in the kids section last for lunch but we were shuffled over to the kids section first and it was hard to get all of us and the kids out of there to discover the rest of the gardens. The kids had fun exploring everything, there was an electric train that was a big hit, they could control it to go on and off when they wanted. They tried to stop it in certain places. Someone even de-railed it. There was a water pump and everyone tried it out, they were fascinated with how it worked. We walked around the rest of the gardens and discovered a big pond with fish, turtles and frogs. The kids liked the big bamboo sticks and slapped them in the water. We found some fruit trees with avocados, oranges, bananas… and so many more exotic fruits that I have forgotten half of their names. It was hard to go through these trees because we were all hungry and everything looked delicious. All in all I think the kids had fun, they ran around with other kids their ages and were tired out when we got home.

Hannah on the frog
Ben in a tree trunk
The water pump
Walking together
Hannah, Olivet and Noah exploring the pond

The group (most of them)Checking out the waterfall

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