Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ballet observation...

We had our once a semester time to observe Hannah's ballet class. It was adorable. We were all so excited to watch her in her class! We usually have to wait outside the door that usually gets closed, so we can't even peek in. Ben and Noah watched quietly and even participated on the sidelines. The girls did all kinds of different poses and exercises, taking turns going around the room walking in different ballet walks. The teacher kept asking them what different terms mean like "plier", "sauter"... The girls kept getting them confused with each other but that was OK, they still have time to learn. Hannah really enjoyed having us watch her in her class. She was so proud. Every time she would walk in front of us she'd be beaming with pride, smiles all over. She's really wanting to continue with the class and even wants to go twice a week next semester! Yay!

Ben and Noah being 'baskets' along with the class

And a little video of Hannah

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