Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boo-thday Party...

We threw a double boo-thday party for Ben and Noah this afternoon. Costumes, treats, games and lots of fun was had. We made brownie cupcakes for Ben and vanilla for Noah. They decorated their own cupcakes with spiders on top. The games were a hit, well one is always a hit (not so healthy though). First game was doughnuts on a string. We had the kids put their hands behind their backs and try to eat the doughnuts off the string without holding them. It is hard to do and many of the kids couldn't do it. Another game was pin the nose of the pumpkin, they designed their own noses and then attached them on, pretty fun. Another game was the ghost hunt where the kids had to look for lollipop ghosts hidden all over the back yard. Fun and yum! I also made some bean bags that they tossed around to each other. That was fun too, not much structure nor many rules but they loved tossing those bags around. All in all it was a fun evening! Thank you to all who came!! Here are some pics.

Birthday boys
Stick the nose on the pumpkin
Bean bag toss
Doughnuts on a string

Grandpa and Myrlene

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