Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ben got a new bike for his birthday but today he was disappointed. He was looking forward to riding his bike and using all the perks this new bike has. He wanted a kick stand, a water bottle holder and the bike to be bigger and with shocks. Well this bike was all that. As Daddy was adjusting it for his height, he realized that parts were missing and one part (don’t remember which) was bent out of shape. Daddy estimates about $100 in repair charges. So, Ben can’t ride the bike. He is sad and disappointed. It stinks because this person buys everything on clearance and doesn’t think about things like if it is missing parts, if it’s in good working and safe condition for kids. He just doesn’t think about things like that and we wish he would. So, we have to find a different bike for him. It’s a hard lesson for a kid but I think he’s more mature and understanding about this than we think.

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