Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy day...

Pumpkin decorating
We went to Michaels today for their Knack activity. They were decorating pumpkins for $5 with all the decorations they could possibly imagine wanting to use. Anything anyone asked for (stuff to make hair, eyeballs, something to construct a nose) they went in to the store and brought it out. It was fantastic. The kids got creative and love their pumpkins. They’ll be on display at our house for anyone to view…anytime!

Soccer game
Ben had a soccer game after we went to Michaels and they won! It was a great game.

Eliza’s bday party
We went to one of the kids friend’s birthday this afternoon. Ben and Hannah don’t play with her that often, sometimes, but mostly Noah and Eliza play together. It’s cute how they run around and play at the park. Noah brought her a necklace that she absolutely loved. Her reaction was adorable. It was a great party at a playground, the kids ran around crazy, then had cake and ice cream. Yum! That was a great end to our very busy day!

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