Thursday, October 02, 2008


Today we watched our buddy Harry. The kids love it when Harry comes to play. They know that he loves to play with the train and that is all that they really would do if it weren't for me asking them what they want to do next. I did get Noah and Harry out of the house this afternoon while Hannah and Ben went to Hannah's ballet class. They had such a fun time on the trikes, Harry giggled wildly the entire way. He loves to crash into things and even caught up to Noah a few times and crashed into the back of him. They laughed and were crazy together. We were supposed to go and play with our friends but never made it to the park. We will try to go to the park tomorrow and let them get their wiggles out before they play with the train again (I know that is on their schedule). So we have an extra kid during the day for a while and that isn't so bad, he's a good kid, I'll consider it practice since we'll have a 4th of our own in Feb! :)

Harry and Noah on their bike ride around the neighborhood

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