Thursday, October 16, 2008

Farm trip...

On our homeschooling field trip this month we went to La Milpa Organica (as we did last year) and brought Harry along with us. My kids were looking forward to picking carrots from the field and learning more about farming. They want to live on a farm with chickens, goats, horses, cows and they want to grow our own food. Funny because that's what we want to do too. On our trip today we got to taste different greens that are grown on the farm. My kids tried just about everything but didn't come away with a favorite. Harry LOVED everything I handed him, he ate each one up. Some were mild, some lemony and tart and some were spicy and a little tough (for me) to eat. But Harry ate everything without flinching!

We waited for a little tour like we had last year around the farm but didn't get one, but that was OK we went and explored the farm. We found the carrots and picked a bunch each (we came home with a lot of carrots with 4 kids picking!). We found some onions and walked around to find the chickens and goats. The kids loved feeding the goats with the green tops from the carrots that we had just picked.

The kids loved jumping on the trampoline. The parents had started a 4 person on the trampoline rule but it didn't get listened to (see picture below).

On our way home from the farm I expected Harry to fall asleep but I didn't expect all FOUR kids to fall asleep! I had a nice and quiet drive home and even drove a bit longer so that they all had at least 20 minutes of sleep! I didn't think I could handle grumpy kids with such a busy morning, so I didn't mind driving a little extra. They all woke up as I pulled into the driveway (I'm so glad I made sure they slept a nice amount of time).

We had about 30 minutes before Hannah had to be at her ballet class and since they were all dirty from the farm I stuck them all in the bath. They loved it. They just soaked and got cleaner than they were! So it was a success. I'm pooped out.

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